SafeBitcoin is launching on Ethereum

SoftCap 50ETH – HardCap 1000ETH – 350+ Whitelist Requests

Token Holders 208,000

ATH Market Cap 156M

ATH Price 0.00000038

Global Members 350K

Powerful features

SafeBitcoin (SafeBTC) is referred to as a Store Of Value such as Bitcoin (BTC) with the additional benefit of yield-generating typical of DeFi.

Liquidity Auto-lock

2% of each transaction is locked in liquidity and burned.

Yield Generating

2% of each transaction is redistributed to holders.

Initial Burn

50% of total initial supply was sent to the Dead wallet and burned.

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2% of each transaction is burned forever making it deflationary.

Renounced Ownership

Contract ownership was renounced. Contract is now locked.

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Safe / Secure / Private

Token Metrics

SafeBitcoin has a total supply of 1Q (quadrillion) tokens. 500T (trillions) tokens have been burned forever making the current Circulating Supply 500T. Circulating supply keeps being burned. As of June the 1st, 2021 SafeBTC counts over 208,000 token holders on the BSC and its total burned supply to date accounts for 61% of the total.

How to Buy SafeBitcoin

SafeBitcoin is available already on PancakeSwap and has been launched on the Ethereum network as well. Follow instructions below to safely buy it.


Pancake/Uniswap - Launch the official PancakeSwap or Uniswap Dex websites.


Connect - Connect your trusted wallet (Trust/Metamask) using the proper network (Ethereum or BinanceSmartChain).


Gas Balance - Make sure to have enough ETH or BNB to cover fees.


Buy - Paste SafeBitcoin contract, set the slippage to >5% and purchase the desired amount.

Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Question

SafeBitcoin (SafeBTC) is a deflationary, yield generating community token originally launched on the BSC network. It’s now launched on the ETH network and we are currently undergoing a Presale round.
SafeBTC is currently listed on PancakeSwap and some other CEXs. We will soon be listed on Uniswap.
SafeBitcoin bep20 can be purchased on Pancakeswap, Indoex, Digifinex and others. SafeBitcoin erc20 will soon be available on Uniswap.
SafeBitcoin bep20 experienced an astonishing success reaching 150M in MarketCap in just few months. Landing on a popular network such as Ethereum will allow to reach a wider audience.
Of course, the Bep20 and Erc20 will progress alongside and support each other to get in front of billions of Crypto users worldwide.
We cannot control the price as it’s been traded freely on the exchanges. We will set the initial listing price at $0.0000000002 equaling a $100,000 initial diluted Market Cap.
Eventually they will get close over time. At start they will be independent given their different time on the markets.

As Seen On

SafeBitcoin has been featured on countless publications worldwide.

Safe / Secure / Private

The future of finance is DeFi

Our project development just started and yet we have achieved numerous milestones. Our team is working hard to keep SafeBTC on the verge of innovation. -